Who We Are?

Our Mission

Navya Nepal is an organization targeted towards developing and uplifting individuals, especially youths, through interactive programs, awareness, and direct or indirect charity. Our primary mission is to provide young individuals with access to new doors of opportunity they formally didn’t have access to, helping them discover a new point of interest, help them unveil hidden passion, and also help them have a better life through the development of oneself and the resources provided to them, both mentally and socially.

Extraordinary Experiences

We, the members of Navya Nepal, have been trying to make life better for youths and our most heartwarming moment very surely was when we made a huge stride in that direction by materializing our plans of helping out 120 students who were well below the poverty line right in the heart the valley, in the hardest of times, right before the huge wave of coronavirus hit the valley.

 The subtle smiles on the young faces of those children as they received packages filled with resources we very often don’t even value, just a couple of copies, stationery items, pads, and a bit of snack provided us with a different view on the society and also a feeling of satisfaction, happiness neither of us had ever felt.

Our Core Values

This NGO has a basic set of core values our donors or volunteers or anyone, for that matter of fact, can expect and look up to. These include: