Mark your calendars
October 16-18


Message from the Secretary General

Greetings from the secretary-general of Navya MUN,

                   I am Sirish Bohara and it is my pleasure to inform you delegates that I will be there as the secretary-general for the first iteration of Navya MUN. Giving you delegates a brief introduction of what I am engaged in, currently, I am vice president and one of the 3 founders of Navya Nepal, which is also the parent organization of Navya MUN. 

Navya MUN is a complete package of diplomacy, debates, discussions, and politics. Navya promises all the delegates that this MUN will be one of a kind, and will be of a different tier. I along with my team promise that we will give our hundred percent to the sessions fruitful as well as exciting for all the participants. Looking forward to meeting all your delegates at the MUN.

Sirish K. Bohara,
Secretary General

It's Time to Start Your mun Adventure

Start dusting your formals for the inaugural session of Navya Model United Nations! 


United Nations Security Council

Discussing: The Cuban Missile Crisis

Disarmament and Security Council

Discussing: Controlling the proliferation of modern weapons with special emphasis on the nuclear security concerns.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Discussing: Challenge Topic 4 of the MUN Refugee Challenge - Improving the access to education for refugees.

Nepal-India-China-Pakistan Cabinet

Discussing: Resolvement of all border issues with the formation of common maps

United Nations Women

Discussing: Genital mutiliation and abortion rights

Mid-night Crisis Committee

Discussing: Classified topic